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Just why is locking U.S. Forest Service roads necessary?

| September 1, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I recently had the opportunity to visit your corner of heaven, and instead of finding the pearly gates, I found numerous USFS gates barring all access to many public lands.

As I traveled home I wondered just why is this neccesary?

I'm sure many are already saying it's a lack of funds to manage the roads etc.

I offer it's more a lack of imagination. Here's a thought — instead of gates put up bulletin boards noting conditions of a road beyond this point (i.e. washout 5.2 miles past this point) and leave a way for users to post messages that would be helpful to manange maintenace resources (i.e. found large fir fallen across road 2.2 miles from here).

Can anyone offer why this approach wouldn't work? Or is it government policy to simply "close" the forest?

I guess one can only conclude that public land really doesn't mean "public" if man's use of it isn't part of the equation anymore.

Bill Hall