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Carney a true Christian, trustworthy representative in Helena

| October 25, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I have only known Eileen Carney since I returned to Libby in the 1980s, but what I know of her I really like.

Even though she was a busy teacher and an even busier politician, she always had time to help others.

Many a time, when I needed a ride to a civic function like the opening of the Heritage Museum or a concert at the Memorial Center, she was kind enough to load my wheelchair in her car, never once complaining how heavy it was, nor did she complain about how hard it was to push around with me in it.

Once, in the winter, she had to push me through a snowbank. It took extra effort and I was amazed at her strength. I said, "You must have been raised on a farm." She said she was, in eastern Montana.

She understands the importance of a good education in a free democracy such as ours. She's had the experience of teaching in a Third World country, where education was not supported by the government but had to be paid for by the student.

She knows that if Montana budgets for quality education, the state will have to spend less money building new prisons.

I know Eileen Carney as a lady who has campaigned for people, as well as cats and dogs. She has been a tireless worker for Kootenai Pets for Life and has saved a great many animals from being euthanized.

I happen to know she spent last Christmas cleaning out the dog kennels in Troy, so the other workers could celebrate Christmas. She is a true Christian and would be a trustworthy representative in Helena.

Edna Baeth-Johnson