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Langston best choice for justice of the peace

| October 20, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

On Nov. 7, voters in Lincoln County will decide between Delora "Cookie" Haidle and Stormy Langtson for justice of the peace position No. 2 in the county's most contested political race ever. This is an important election. The court needs to improve the skills, professionalism and ethics of the bench.

Langston stands out as the most qualified candidate. In her years working in the criminal justice system and her recent appointment as city judge for the town of Eureka, Stormy has shown a tough, no-nonsense approach as a city judge and has quickly earned a reputation as being knowledgeable, decisive and fair to those who have appeared before her. Voters could expect the same by putting her on the bench as a Justice of the Peace.

Her demeanor, core values, education and insight into juvenile problems and substance abuse makes Stormy Langston the clear choice for justice of the peace position No. 2.

James Burdge