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Treatment of USFS roads, trails appalling

| October 6, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

My wife and I were recent visitors to the Libby area.

We had the pleasure to stay with Jeff and Sue Courtney of Moose Ridge Bed and Breakfast.

Our visit to the area was for recreation and sightseeing via our ATVs. We traveled over 350 miles viewing the beautiful scenery of streams, mountains and the wildlife. While in town we met many nice and outstanding people who were very friendly and accommodating to our needs. Our hat's off to your community for your hospitality.

But we found one thing that was very disturbing to us. We have ridden ATVs extensively all through the Rocky Mountains from Colorado to British Columbia and plan annual trips to the western states. What was so appalling to us? It was the disrespectful way people have treated the Forest Service roads and trails we traveled.

We have never seen so much garbage tossed to the wayside in our travels. Countless beverage cans, bottles and garbage strewn wherever we rode.

All I hope this letter will do is to even reach one person and maybe change their practices. Please, as a community, realize what beauty your wilderness is and remember, "if you bring it in to the woods, take it back with you."

Thank you.

Jim and Kari Strandlund

Braham, Minn.