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Heinert is best choice for state representative

| October 6, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I would like to share my opinion with your readers about one of our candidates seeking re-election, Rep. Ralph Heinert.

I've known Ralph for something over 15 years as the result of mechanical projects at the Libby mill. During those years, as a welding contractor, I have had the privilege of working with Ralph and his department and appreciate his expertise and management abilities. Ralph's career as an engineer in his industrial management and leadership means that he knows where the dollar comes from and where it goes. This fiscal responsibility is a tremendous asset, and very important to us here in Montana.

I know Ralph to be an honest, caring person who is concerned about his constituents and our community's well-being. I am aware of many of the things he has worked on for this community. He is organized and knowledgeable and has demonstrated his leadership skills when it comes to putting words into action.

He has proven that to me while helping to get the LADC up and running, and serving as its chairman for two years.

Ralph also demonstrated his leadership to me while working on the rodeo committee with the determination he and Don Bernall had to making our wonderful rodeo arena and grandstand a reality. He does not "join" just to belong on a board or committee. When Ralph gets involved, he does so with a conviction to work to make a difference. I trust him to do the same for us again as our representative for Montana House District 1.

Ralph earned my support and trust during the last session, because he worked very hard to become an effective legislator in as short a time as possible to better serve the people of Libby and Troy. He is our best choice for representative of House District 1.

I urge you to vote for Ralph Heinert to represent all our interests when Nov. 7 rolls around.

Chuck Woods