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Newcomer finds high crime rate, drugs, infighting in Libby

| October 4, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I would like to tell you what our great city looks like from someone new. We have lived here now for three years.

We moved here from Denver, a very large city with high crime rates, high drug related crimes and city officials - some of whom you can trust, some you can't.

Selling my business in precision metal manufacturing and production, my fiance and I moved to Libby because of the location and what we were told a wonderful place to settle down. After three years this is what I see.

High crime rate, high drug-related crimes and a city that is fighting amongst themselves. Look in the media and what do you see at every corner? City councilmen fighting the mayor, and the councilman to get his seat back when he didn't meet the council criteria. If he wasn't at the meetings, who took care of his ward? Those are the people you should be fighting for.

Where we came from businesses had a watchful eye by the city police department. Reading the paper and what's on the street, here the city police department will hassle some of the businesses. I need to go to the Pastime Lounge sometime just to see the excitement.

I hear they are good people, and have new and interesting ideas for drawing business. If they're not breaking any current laws, don't make some up just so a police officer that has been in the military and has an attitude that he thinks he's better than others. You are to serve and protect, not hassle and condemn.

Also reading the news and word on the street, not too many people like the job our current sheriff is doing and complain about the way the local chief of police handles officers and situations involving family. Stating it seems they are above the law. Not true, or not suppose to be true.

I don't personally know the councilman, the sheriff or the chief of police. What I do know, we have owned a small business in this town that is open until 10 p.m. for two years now and can count on one hand the times either a sheriff or city policeman have driven by or even stopped in and asked how things were going this evening. Business is in the shopping center is pretty sad in my book. Protect and serve.

If the city officials spent more time concerning themselves with the wonderful people in this city, instead of their own personal gratuities, I think we would all feel that our tax dollars are being spent wisely and efficiently. Look and listen to what you hear in surrounding areas and Libby. Look at the shape of the city and the streets. Yes our tax dollars at work.

If the city officials can't seem to get along, maybe it's time to bring in people that care about the community.

There is a lot of work to do in this wonderful city of ours. I do want to thank the people of Libby Revitalization for trying hard to take the first steps. I don't have the answers or solutions, but am willing to do my part to help out whenever I can.

Dan Mowers