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Good luck on the cheap heating oil Mr. Waters

| October 4, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Concerning Mr. Waters' latest letter, "Me and Yvonne have asked Sen. Baucus, Sen. Burns, Rep. Rehberg and Gov. Schweitzer for two years to provide cheap heating oil to Montana's poor families through Citgo, an oil company in the United States but owned by Venezuela. We have received no response at all."

A few problems surface. 1.) It is "Yvonne and I," not "me and Yvonne." 2.) Chavez has, effective Sept. 30, cut 50,000 barrels a day from export because at $61 a barrel, he can't support his vote buying practices and populist rhetoric, so he is going to make it tight and hopefully more expensive. 3.) His refineries are a long ways from Montana. 4.) He actually does not give a hoot about you or the poor; he merely likes to poke his finger into the eye of his latest "psycho-beast," for immediate emotional gain within his constituancy.

But hey, good luck.

Rob Uithof