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Critical Habitat won't help lynx

| October 4, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

The The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service claimed that the proposed Critical Habitat designation for the Canadian lynx would have little to no impact in the areas the designations are made. Too bad the recent economic analysis proves otherwise.

The known impact alone is approaching a billion dollars, with the potential impact leaving them guessing. Is this to be considered a "little" impact?

The USFWS knows the potential for negative impacts to rural areas. Look what has happened with the Spotted owl, grizzly bear, salmon, or the wolf. There was never intent to harm rural areas economically, but with out-of-control litigation determining the agencies decisions, they have no choice. The USFWS didn't even want to designate CH, but a Ninth Circuit judicial opinion over ruled the agency's science. It is truly sad that the USFWS cannot use sound science to implement recovery plans that will help ensure a happy coexistence between man and animal. Instead, it is forced to implement methods of recovery that have failed time and time again.

The USFWS has recently re-opened the public comment on this failing mismanagement of time and resources. Let them know we need recovery plans that are effective for the Canadian lynx. Let them know it doesn't need to cost private property owners a billion dollars to learn what we already know. Critical Habitation designations won't help us or the lynx.

Kyle Nelson