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Troy museum in need of funds, volunteers

| May 26, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

The Troy Museum and Visitor Center is presently in need of funds and volunteers to help with maintenance and stay open to the public.

We are asking for money to hire an attendant to clean the rest rooms and buy cleaning and grounds supplies as well as toilet paper. The museum is also looking for more community members to become involved with this fabulous community project.

The museum is open from Memorial Day until Labor Day every summer. The museum has a non-profit status. Presently it depends on volunteers, grants, and the community to stay open and available every summer.

The museum grounds have undergone a huge remodeling and upgrading, plus the addition of rest rooms. The museum grounds are one of the first things one sees when entering Troy, coming from Libby. The grounds are beautiful, now, we are asking for help to maintain them.

A Frisbee-golf course was installed in the wooded area this past winter. Youth groups and other community organizations use our grounds, resulting in a higher cost of supplies and maintenance.

Again, the museum is in dire need of additional funds and volunteers. The museum would be very grateful if you could see your way to provide help for this worthwhile project. A special account for donations has been set up at the Troy branch of the First National Bank.

Beth Schweitzer, president

Patty Haadland, secretary

Don Ross, treasurer

Signe Moser, trustee