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Council OKs splash pad location

| May 5, 2006 12:00 AM

The Libby City Council on Monday agreed on Fireman's Park as a location for a proposed "splash pad" for children.

Mayor Tony Berget, who has promoted the construction of a splash pad, recommended that the council select Fireman's Park because of its visible location along the highway along with its potential for a well to provide water.

Installing the splash pad at another proposed location next to City Hall would preclude drilling a well, Berget explained, because of prohibitions on wells within the area contaminated by creosote associated with the former mill site nearby. Fireman's Park is located across Flower Creek and is therefore outside the restricted area, Berget said.

Tentative plans are to drill two wells, one to feed the splash pad and one to serve as a drain, Berget said. He described the splash pad as "a glorified sprinkling setup" for small children.

Council member Charlene Leckrone said she thought Fireman's Park would be a "perfect spot" for the splash pad.

"Fireman's Park already has kids there," she said. "There's a playground. It would be a little added bonus."

Council member Wally McElmurry said he wanted it to be clear that in selecting the location the council wasn't committing to pay for anything.

"I think at this point we're just looking at a splash pad location," Berget said.

In other business, the council approved a $6,000 grant to help build permanent restroom facilities at the American Legion baseball field, which sits on city property near the corner of Second Street and California Avenue.

Last month, a baseball club vice president Russ Thompson asked the city for $9,000 for the project. At Monday's meeting, Berget said the city was able to find $6,000 in the parks and cemetery budgets that it could earmark for the new facilities. Council member Lee Bothman said discussions with baseball club representatives indicate the group may be able to obtain a $2,500 grant from Flathead Electric Cooperative, bringing it close to the amount budgeted for the project.

Thompson promoted the project to the council in April as economic development. He said permanent, handicapped-accessible restrooms will allow Libby to host the state championship tournament next year.

The $9,000 budgeted for the work would pay for materials while volunteers provided the labor, Thompson said.