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Not much difference seen among delegation politicians

| March 28, 2006 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

Since my leaving, Armistice Day 2004, the Republican Party to be an activist for the Constitution Party of Montana, the Baucus-Burns-Rehberg form letters have ceased. Their nonsense was/is political posturing for votes.

Burns-Baucus-Rehberg are yet silent and totally non-productive in getting a permanent tax cut that looms out there like a Titanic iceberg approaching everyone's business looking for money!

Burns-Baucus-Rehberg have said or done not one thing to shut closed the Mexican border nor make legislation to prevent the hiring of illegals by businesses large or small by taking away their tax exemption for a year for doing so (note some 15 to 16 billion dollars are sent by these illegals to Mexico each year, more than Mexico gets for selling its oil!)

Baucus-Burns-Rehberg haven't made a legislative bill to make the voluntary "Chilean Plan" of private investments at 4 to 6 percent interest, that would replace our nearly bankrupt "Social-istic Insecurity" fiasco we now have. More, on the death of the enrollee, his heirs would get the money not the government. Should Baucus-Burns-Rehberg quit or be voted out, their Congress pension's only $150,000 per year, not Social Security's chump change!

Burns-Baucus-Rehberg, where's your bills to end the N.A.F.T.A., W.T.O., C.A.F.T.A. and G.A.T.T., trade treaties? Add to that one to say to the United Nations goodbye permanently? Only you as senators and as congressmen can vote these to end: not the president.

Burns-Baucus-Rehberg in the 50's our tariff was 15 percent. It's next to nothing now, (3 percent), so how can industry compete with $16 per to Mexico's $2.50 per and China's 0.16 per hour without some tariff protection?

Burns-Baucus-Rehberg where are you? Out to lunch? Or bought out? Hopefully soon to be voted out!

Freeman Johnson