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Corps needs to take emotional damage into consideration

| March 9, 2006 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

My grandfather has terminal bone cancer and has been given, at most, 14 months. His one true love, besides his family, is fly-fishing. He and my grandmother retired to Libby because of the fly-fishing and hunting.

I have already made arrangements to be in Libby almost every weekend to row his driftboat for him, so he can enjoy his last summer fishing. I know this seems to be a trivial matter compared to the fish populations in the Kootenai, but the Corps also need to take into consideration the emotional damage they will cause.

Considering the asbestos problems, there are a lot of sick and dying people in Libby, and many of them find solace in being outdoors. Because c'mon, only a couple of families stay in Libby for the money.

The emotional and spiritual impacts on the community are just as serious as the economical and environmental impacts, even if they cannot be documented as accurately.

Necia Wayland-Smith