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School board still determined to flout the will of the people

| March 1, 2006 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

It seems our school board is still determined to flout the will of the people of Libby, and refuse to sell the old high school for a fair price.

A clear majority of voters, 71 percent or more, voted to sell to preserve the building. Incidentally, there was a significantly larger than average turnout of voters in that election. That ought to tell the school board something. Now people who weren't especially interested in the school, itself, are irritated and asking, "Why is our vote being ignored?"

I was present at the committee meeting when the ridiculous price of $350,000 was decided. Someone spoke up right then, pointing out that it was un-reasonable, considering the covenants and restrictions being included. The school board needs to commit to selling the property for a fairly appraised price. No one will pay the several thousand dollars involved in getting a professional appraisal unless there is an honest agreement to sell. Many feel the school board has been less than honest in this whole affair.

The school board might take heed to what happened to a school board in Pennsylvania not long ago. They went against the will of the people. Now they have all be replaced.

Betty Cooper