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Senate ignores middle class

| June 30, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

While Americans plead with our national government to seal our borders, the U.S Senate recently passed a bill which amounts to little more than amnesty.

The recent Senate bill on immigration, far from doing anything to curb illegal immigration, opens the doors to encourage more. This bill indicates the level of contempt the Senate has for middle-class Americans.

The "comprehensive" Senate bill includes:

* In-state tuition for illegal aliens - while American kids have to pay full price if they cross state lines.

* All temporary "guest workers" have to be paid a prevailing wage.

* All agricultural "guest workers" cannot be fired - except for what the bill calls "just cause."

* Illegal aliens are made eligible for Social Security benefits. Not only will they receive retirement benefits, but their children will receive survivor benefits should the parents pass away. This is all in a time when the massive influx of baby boomers reaching retirement age threaten to bankrupt the system.

* Increases the number of immigrants who may come here, even as our cities are overrun with foreigners.

* Employers of illegals are granted amnesty too. Employers would be exempt from civil and criminal tax and criminal liability under the Senate bill.

* Taxpayer dollars to radical immigration groups like La Raza (The Race) so they can help illegal aliens "adjust" their status. Millions of American tax dollars will go to the same groups who organized the massive demonstrations.

* Will not bar illegal aliens convicted of felonies from obtaining citizenship.

Russell Brown