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Wealthy ruling class in United States seems to be blind

| June 28, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor,

It is my opinion that none of our legislators on the national, state or local levels understand the need to learn lessons from history.

The wealthy ruling class in this country seems to be blind. To give amnesty to illegal immigrants is wrong.

Each case should be considered on an individual basis after those who broke the law are charged with their crime.

We Americans are judged and given a fair trial when a crime is committed. Those illegal occupiers have broken USA laws. Mexico is playing us for fools.

If the congressional leaders have seen that laws were forced and necessary funding made, we would not have this mess. Now the horse is out of the barn.

Let us hope that common sense will rule and those running for office will vote for the right reasons, not just to gain office again.

I hope the voters will think, and when they cast their ballot, they will opt for new leadership in our administration.

Betty Cole Ortega