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Inmates being treated inhumanely at Lincoln County jail

| June 28, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor,

Do you or the people in Libby have any idea how human beings are being treated in your jail?

My husband, Brian Poling, has been incarcerated now almost five months there. Do you realize your jail is underground and my husband has not seen the outside sunlight, rain or felt the air in five months?

Do you also realize how little they are fed? The inmates have to trade things every day just to get enough to eat from one meal to the next.

Do you realize it is the families of these non-offenders that are really paying? They are charged for salt and pepper for their food. The families are charged 25 cents for a 10-minute phone call.

When my husband asked a guard what happens to the inmates if the dam broke, his reply was, which I overheard him say, "You all drown like rats."

I was appalled.

This is my husband, my life. My husband has a bad medical condition and was not allowed to have his medication when he arrived.

People of Libby, you need to wake up. You have young and old human beings in your city that are being treated like animals. No, worse than any animals.

If you don't believe me, go see for yourself. Talk to the people jailed or just turn your back like most people do.

I have written letters to the governor, the congressmen and the attorney general of Montana.

I've lived in Libby for two years and I managed a motel in Libby. Soon I am planning on exposing people to Libby prosecutors on the theft of your city.

The true criminals are walking your streets and conducting business as usual but not for long.

Barb Poling