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Good luck at Thompson Lake campgrounds with new rules

| June 28, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor,

I don't know how many of you have been out camping at Thompson Lakes. I have noticed the limits they have put on campsites.

Most of the spots have two campers there. You only have to pay for the one-unit price and if you stay in the eight-spot, you have to pay the $30 whether you have one camper or eight campers.

In the two-spot areas, there is more room for more campers. And in some of them, there is more room than the eight-camper spots.

It is ridiculous. One family was there and got a ticket for having three campers in a two-camper site. There was plenty of room for more than two campers. They also got in trouble for parking on the grassy area, which the rangers called their lawn.

Let's get real.

In the eight-unit site, the only way to get all eight campers in there is to park on the grass and park the campers out in the middle of everything.

Let's use our smarts and look at the real picture.

If the money is used for the toilets and maintenance, where is the maintenance? So all I see is the toilet issue. I guess I'll just use my toilet in my camper.

So where is the money going?

I guess it is to pay the three rangers that were out there Memorial Weekend, every day to harass us about payment and to point out everything that may be wrong.

Where is the relaxation if you go out there and have the rangers on you all the time? It ruins the purpose of getting away from it all.

People have been camping at these lakes longer than these rules have been in effect, and I see nothing different from then until now. So how are the campers hurting anything?

You people have screwed it for families that consist of more than two campers. So if there are four campers, it still makes it hard to afford. People on disability or seniors would have to pay half price, so now that don't do us any good.

Some people are on fixed incomes and some people can't afford big vacations to relax so we use the close lakes to get away and now we can't afford to do it. There is not much fun in it anymore.

You may thing you're making things better, but it don't take a brain surgeon to see it getting ruined.

Well, I wish everyone over the Fourth of July good luck and be prepared to be drilled by the rangers over everything you do. Fill out your comment cards and hopefully you will enjoy your prison term out at the lakes that we once called relaxation and a break from work.

Tony, Jack and Diane Murer