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Americans failed to make right choice at polls in recent elections

| February 23, 2006 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

In October of 2004 I wrote the editor of this newspaper asking the people of Montana and other people around the country to make sure they looked at all the reasons as to why they need to vote for a Democratic ticket rather than risking the future of our country in the current leader we have.

Well, we as Americans failed to make the right choice. And as I thought our country is in worse shape then it has ever been in our history. Our elected officials are failing us.

We are still in Iraq for reasons that this administration has yet to show us. We were misled as to why we are there. (I say we were lied to). We have a deficit that is completely out of control. We have a trade deficit that is $800 billion. We still have illegal aliens crossing our border along with terrorists every day. We borrow money from China to keep the country going that we will have to pay back. We had a hurricane that our government did not know how to respond to. We have a congress that voted down compensation to the people of this area for asbestos-related diseases.

We have a president that's trying to sell off our ports and public lands. (I don't call him my president) We've got soldiers coming home that got their legs blown off and can't seem to get compensation for.

How can we sit back and let this individual sell our ports to the very people that supported the terrorists that flew planes into the World Trade Center that killed over 3,000 people, My God, has he lost his mind or is he just plain incompetent.

If ew don't do something soon we're not going to have our country. And for all of us to sit back and watch this wanna-be-dictator to take our country down like he is, is totally unacceptable. We should all be ashamed.

It leads one to believe that the war in Iraq was not for the fight of freedom, but for the political and personal gains of G-dubya and (Dick) Cheney.

Call on the two senators of this state and tell them that our ports and our public lands are not for sale. And if they don't fight this crazy man that they for sure will not be representing the people of this state any longer.

We need to bring our troops home. We are not winning this war. Lives are being lost and it is breaking our country. Maybe, just maybe, we can save some of our troops' lives and legs and arms and minds.

I'm telling you Montana and America, if we don't do something to remove this man (If you can call him that) we won't be called the United States of America. We will be called the Un-United States of china. This crazy man ran on the platform on the record he has on terrorism. He has done nothing but make terrorism worse all over the world. His response to Katrina was embarrassing.

It is also my feeling we need to clean house in Congress and support term limits.

This man really opened a can of worms by going into Iraq, with the Arab world. The list goes on and one as to why this leader is the worst that this country has ever had to endure. If we can somehow get out of the Middle East's problems then maybe just maybe we can avoid World War III.

I hope everybody that votes this year remembers what the Grand Ol' Party has done for us and our country for the last six years when they go to the polls.

If you can find anything positive then I urge you to vote for them. But should you, then remember our way of life, our freedoms and our country are surely doomed.

Mike McNair