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Anti-hunting letter writer might want to consider relocating

| December 12, 2006 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

I'd like to comment on the sentiments of James Peden concerning the hunting practices we enjoy and accept here in this part of the country.

In the first place, sir, your opinion that hunters are murdering animals is to say the least asinine. As everyone - even a vegetarian - knows, in order to maintain a health herd or crop, it must be thinned.

Left unchecked, your herd numbers will increase to the point where the land cannot support them, and many will suffer and die slow and agonizing deaths. Much like what would happen if you don't thin and weed your carrot patch.

As far as the health issues go, I think your brother's cheeks must have been stuffed with beef or pork. I've been treated by the Veterans Administration for many years for all of my medical needs. All of the doctors and dietitians I've seen have told me that wild game is very healthy for the human diet and is not considered to be "red meat."

I'm not good at quoting famous writers, scholars or artists or anything else as far as that goes, but I do know this. There are many places in the Bible that allude to this very topic and they all concur that the animals were placed here for man's use, as were the rest of the natural resources that so many of you extremists are trying so hard to deny us.

In closing, Mr. Peden, and at the risk of seeming "unfriendly," might I suggest that if the lifestyle of the majority of this area's residents doesn't suit you, maybe you'll consider relocating to an area where hunting is not so prevalent and you won't be so offended by our barbaric ways.

Bob Creighton