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Shame on city for leaving snow berms on Mineral Avenue

| December 7, 2006 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

Shame on the city of Libby.

Shame on them for leaving the berms on Mineral Avenue for over one week. They created a dangerous situation by plowing the snow into berms and having them block all the crosswalks.

If they were going to leave the berms, couldn't the city at least clear the crosswalks? Is it that difficult? But instead, the only way to cross the street at the intersections last week was to walk into the lanes of travel for the cars, dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers.

Five days after creating this hazardous situation, and after they had begun snow removal in other parts of the city, they still had not done a thing to remove them in time for the Christmas parade and tree lighting at the end of Mineral. Endangering all those who came downtown to view the festivities and shop. A lot of planning went into this activity, yet the city of Libby made it more difficult and unsafe for all involved by doing nothing.

Makes one wonder if Libby even has a snow removal policy. Most towns clear their business districts first before the side streets. But not Libby. And it's not the first time they've left berms on Mineral for the Christmas parade.

Isn't it time that the city council address this problem? Until then, it's shame on the city of Libby for creating a hazard where none should exist.

Brian Sherry