Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Time for Democrats to investigate impeachment

| December 5, 2006 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

Democrats in general, Senator-elect Tester in specific: The time has come to investigate. It's not only your right, but your duty. Begin and continue your control of Congress based on doing what is right and necessary to make our nation one that can be based on truth and integrity.

Investigate not to get even, but because it is your duty to protect and restore our democracy that this fascist-leaning administration has threatened repeatedly. With corporate power in our government so strong, the reality of the United States as a fascist state has never been greater.

We the people must push the new Congress to investigate these years of corporatism, torture and blatant lies that led to war, etc. If investigations support impeachment, then impeachment must be the next step toward correcting the misdirection we have allowed.

This is an opportunity for our nation to be stronger than it was before Cheney/Bush and the Project for a New American Century exploiters came into power. Democrats, you have given hope to many, now follow through and do what is right! Investigate. Impeach if the findings support it.

The next step involves a strong separation of corporation and state. Begin that with public financing of elections. The separation is a must for our democracy to survive.

Scott Daily

Former Yaak resident