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Why waste time and money with an election?

| September 30, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Why did you and I vote overwhelmingly to sell the school building? Why did we waste our time and tax money when the school board, particularly one or so members, had their minds made up beforehand?

I guess I have had it wrong for a whole bunch of years. I thought that our elected representatives abided by the majority but not so here.

One of the board members, who was so outspoken from the beginning, made the statement that the $100,000 for the building was a very small amount compared to the total budget of the school district.

Well, you know what? The $100,000 they could have had for the building, plus the $100,000 or so to tear down the building, according to my arithmetic amounts to $200,000 and if that's such a miniscule amount, I hope the next time the district asks for more money, and you know it's coming, I hope we defeat it by at least the same majority that voted to sell the building.

Garman Guthrie