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School board following original intent to demolish school

| September 30, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

It appears that the school board is determined to follow their original agenda and demolish the old school in defiance of the expressed will of the people of Libby. They were so sure the majority would favor demolition, they were willing to put it to a vote. It must have been a real blow to find they were wrong.

Now they are planning to proceed with their original plan of demolition, for whatever hidden reasons one cannot imagine. Why why are they so set on spending public school funds to destroy this historic building, rather than accepting $100,000 from a reputable, organized group of concerned citizens? They say the investors have not made themselves known. Why should they until the offer is accepted? That would certainly become public in due time. They argue that the timetable and agenda for use of the building is vague when it has been clearly spelled out as I understand it.

There have been questions about funds for the restoration. The building has been assured of having historic status. There are millions of dollars available in grant monies for such purposes. When I lived in Mineral County our little group of 10 women obtained grants totaling $47,000 to restore an historic one-room schoolhouse. Which, incidentally is in constant use as a community center. There should be no question of getting funds to restore the old high school.

I think the accusation of "dirty pool" aimed at the school board may be deserved.

Betty Cooper