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Vote no against the spend-happy Libby Parks Board

| October 28, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Do not vote yes. I have a few questions for the spend-happy Parks Board.

It states on the ballot, "The Aquatic Center will lease from the City of Libby the land for this complex." How much will the lease be and can or will the city raise it? The mill levy ballot says approximately 24.29 mills, why not the exact amount? Also the assessed valuation of your home keeps going up every year, what happens to the extra money?

Now for the big one, on the mill levy ballot, paragraph two, line two, it states "with no durational limit," in other words you, your children, and grandchildren will be saddled with this white elephant forever. In 20 years with the bonds paid off the Parks Board will be drenched with your tax dollars.

You no voters send in your ballots and defeat this tax-and-spend resolution. If you like $3 gas you will love this tax-and-grab scheme.

Donald Lewis