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Trustees warned that state, federal advice triggers preservation

| October 19, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I am thoroughly disgusted with the decision that the school board has just made to demolish the historic Lincoln School.

They have spent countless hours in school board meetings debating the decision to preserve or demolish the building at the expense of time needed to make school-related decisions.

They claimed that their concern about the sale of the school was related to their obligation to the community. Then they made the appearance of caring about what the community thought by putting the issue up to vote. When there was overwhelming voter support to preserve the school, a letter to the editor came out in the paper accusing those of us who supported preservation of being ignorant dopes who didn't understand what we were voting for this same voting public who also voted in one of their school board members.

So instead of putting the money from the sale of the school back into our schools, they have voted to expend money to demolish it.

I have always been a great supporter in the academic success of our schools by voting for all levies that contributed to our schools. However, I have lost confidence with this school board, as this decision has convinced me that this school board does not make decisions that truly support education.

I would remind the school board that any federal (EPA) or state agency (DEQ) advice or approval that goes into the asbestos removal in the demolition process, initiates federal and state preservation laws, which require compliance by the agencies involved. Failure to do this is in violation of these laws.

Becky Timmons