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Pool's heavy tax burden to weigh on small number of people

| October 19, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

The Aquatic Center promoters are not facing reality and are hoping the voters will do the same and not notice the heavy tax burden involved, which will last long term not short term.

The 2.8 million dollar building cost quoted, I'm sure was prior to the meteoric rise of fuel prices. The increase in building/maintenance costs will be passed on to you. In this case in the form of higher taxes to keep pace with the new real building/maintenance costs. These include employees and benefits, ever increasing liability insurance and building and pool upkeep and furnishings which will continually rise as will your taxes.

Their brochure says the "average Libby household" will pay "less than $12 per month," for the building cost and $12 per month for the maintenance costs. This comes to about $144 extra a year and I'm sure this is also an old figure and will be close to or even more than $200 per year.

The "average Libby household" is always being given a higher assessment by government, which increases taxes more than enough on their own. As we all know it is getting more expensive everyday to operate a household. Bills never decrease. For example, water and sewage bills may be currently on the rise.

People across the nation, including Montana, are being taxed out of their own homes. Renters will also pay higher rents as landlords pass on the tax increase to the renters. As always the consumer pays the higher costs. The hurricanes in the South recently will also have a lasting economic effect, even here as seen in heating costs.

With every household bill on the rise, (some people are without health insurance because of it), why vote to raise the cost to stay under your own roof? The cost of this complex is definitely a money pit this economy is in no shape to afford.

A great place for fitness is just outside your door or at one of the fitness centers in town and at a much cheaper cost. The number of jobs this might provide does not justify raising taxes and this complex will not attract tourists as if it were some eighth wonder of the world and will in no way be self-supporting.

The cost for this complex is being thrown on a small number of people, the Libby School District.

The people of Libby have been scoffed at by some for eating meals out and enjoying casinos, in short for supporting Libby businesses using their own earned money as they see fit. Some feel that all your money should go to this complex.

Up until now no one has questioned the spending for this proposed complex. Surprise them and start questioning. Avoid a money pit.

Unless you want to start taxing yourself out from under your roof, make sure you vote "NO" on the Aquatic Complex.

Rick Welsey