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'Krafty' local Yankee fan threatens baseball revenge

| October 19, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Over 10,000 comedians without a job in our depressed economy and we have to read or listen to your feeble attempts to be humorous. Really sad!

Approximately 35 years ago my senior students gave me a nickname, "krafty" and it has stuck with me over the many years I have lived, worked and played in Libby. As a matter of fact, my license plates have "krafty" on them. Throughout my many years in Libby, 40 plus to be exact, I have done my best to earn and do that name justice.

The past few years my efforts have been somewhat dormant, but lo and behold, you sparked new life into the "sleeping giant."

So watch out, when you least suspect it, something out of the ordinary will occur.

Your editorial has but one statement and only one with which I can agree: "it is in my genes" and the bad news for you Yankee-haters is that the love for our Yankees is being propagated in our new generations as evidenced by the enclosed photo of one of our new Yankee fans, Dylan Kratofil, my one-year-old grandson. Well over 50 years ago just as my father instilled in me my love for the Yankees, so too have I done the same to my son and he in turn to his son, Yankee haters of this world notice has been given!

John Kratofil

ED. Drat! Another soul lost to the dark side.