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Old Libby High School drama provides great entertainment

| October 14, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

It has been a great source of entertainment reading the on-going drama of the old Libby High School building.

I have read with interest the news articles as well as the letters to the editor. There has been quite a bit of information as well as emotion. Well, maybe not as much information from the school board as you would imagine.

It is what they are not saying that piques my interest most. They have accused the Friends group of being vague in their offer but as far as to what I have read it is the school board that is the most vague as to the "why" of it all.

Why are they so interested in demolition? Why cut the electricity and who did it without permission? Why do they think that they can dictate what becomes of the property after it is sold? (Let's hope they come to their senses on that point.) Why prevent the building from being on the tax rolls again? Don't they need money from taxes for the school budget?

The comment was made by Mr. Huntsberger, I believe, that it would cost upwards of $6 million to restore the building. Well so what. Isn't that the responsibility of the people who purchase the property, how much they want or need to spend on the building?

Correct me if I'm wrong but the seller gives up their rights to property completely once the deal is done, the papers signed and the purchase completed. What makes the school board or anyone think they can dictate conditions to buyers regarding the property as long as they (the buyers) are in line with the proper zoning and permit laws.

Question: Is the building serving a purpose as it is?

Answer: No (duh)

Question: Can the building serve a purpose in the community?

Answer: Yes (duh)

Question: Will demolition serve the community?

Answer: No (duh)

Question: Will the school board do the right thing and fill in the blanks?

Answer: ??????

Dianna L. Smith