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Children should be under constant supervision

| October 14, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

What can a child between two and five do to defend himself?

They certainly can't go around with a firearm and they aren't quick enough to run away. What they can do is scream to attract attention.

All too often you go outside (sometimes they are loud enough so you don't have to go outside). What are they screaming about? Nothing. They just stand, often by themselves and just scream. It doesn't take long to just ignore them. If they are in serious circumstances no one will come to their aid. Parents, give your kids back their weapon. Teach them not to scream unless someone is trying to hurt them.

We all realize that we live in communities where adults don't try to hurt children. If you believe this, you haven't been paying attention to recent events near Spokane. The children involved in Washington were older than five years of age and it is indeed sad.

With the youngest, they should be under constant supervision, or be in a situation where you know where they are.

Richard Williams