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Methane documentary portrays worrisome land practices

| October 12, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

After attending Gene Bernofsky's excellent documentary called "Gassing the Big Sky," about methane exploration going on right now in Montana and elsewhere in the western states and all over anywhere these big corporations can drill a hole. Oh, did I say anywhere?

Thank you for your educational and factual presentation of what corporations have in mind along with the BLM, for all the rights to the mineral "rights" underneath where we or you live. Thank you for allowing me to help in carrying the message to all innocent people who may or will wake up to your life and livelihood being taken over by these so called "methane drillers."

Buyers beware. When you or I buy any land or piece of earth, you must also buy the mineral rights underneath what property you buy. What the BLM and others are doing right now is looking up all landowners who do not have mineral rights to their property and buying them up only to turn around and sell or lease the now BLM-owned mineral rights, to corporations.

Folks, they are coming to your town and land right now. These land rapers, once they obtain your mineral rights, own your property too. Let me repeat that. These land rapers own your property, too. And they the new owners now can/will do what ever they want to your property, to get to their own mineral rights.

People today are losing their livelihood when these land rapers drill for this methane and have to go through drinking water/wells to get to the methane gas, which then poisons your water under your land. They just go drill another hole, somewhere else on the property.

Pass this message on to all who you know who also need to know, just what you're buying into before someone else does it for you. You have to buy the mineral rights if you want to own the land, house, etc., you buy. I have just told you why. Thanks to Mr. Gene Bernofsky, "The Biking Viking," again, for sharing his concerns and truth.

Michael Crill