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Day will come when Grace, lawyers will face the judge

| October 7, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Thank you W.R. Grace? What a relief!

Why, I hardly had time to fret over my name being added to the Libby asbestos-related-disease victim list before your prostituted health plan administrators announced a "cure" for 700 of the nearly 900 asbestos victims tallied thus far. Granted, I haven't received my letter yet, but I expect you've a huge backlog of paperwork, and I just made the list this summer. I'll consider myself fortunate, because I've not even had time to get into serious "denial" about my condition. Look at the worry you've saved me. I'll be healed before I have to face facts.

Still, when I wheeze myself to sleep each night — like so many other innocent victims — I wonder how much time I have left. How horrible is slow suffocation? My wife lies awake by my side long after I doze off and listens to the symphony my lungs play. It's hardly a lullaby, yet she prefers it continue, dreading the day the music stops. Can I plan a trip next year, next month — or tomorrow — with a reasonable expectation I can make the journey? Will W.R. Grace be at my deathbed when my heart goes still, to console my family with "But he's cured!?" Naturally, you'll help with the expenses?

Your "cure" is but legal mumbo-jumbo, unforgivable insult added to injury for the hundreds who have already died or who continue to suffer by your deception — all in the pursuit of profit. Greed.

You may continue merrily along your crooked way through a plodding, ineffective court system. Even honest lawyers tell us our legal system is not about justice, but about winning — by hook or by crook. But the day will come when each and every man among you faces the judge. We victims hope to bear witness when you stand before Him to hear sentence passed. Even your (I cannot think of a sufficiently vile adjective; readers choice!) attorneys cannot deceive the judge. See you in court!

Joe White