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Castaneda listened only to the clamor of politicians

| November 8, 2005 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

I too must express my dismay that Mr. Castaneda is merely a politician.

Despite months of meetings during which public input was considered, excellent work done by his staff to craft a well-balanced starting option, and constant reminders during the process that choices would be determined by what was best for the health of the forest and not by public opinion, Mr. Castaneda listened only to the clamor of politicians in issuing his starting option.

I will contact each and every one of my local, state and federal politicians and point out the economic, social and environmental benefits that come with federally designated wilderness areas and wild and scenic rivers, that habitat protection and linkage areas are the only way to ensure the survival of endangered and threatened animal and plant species, and that severely restricted motorized travel on forest roads and trails is required in order to ensure a healthy forest. Then I plan to hold them accountable as my representative in the next election!

I will also let Mr. Castaneda and the KIPZ revision team know how I feel about the starting option map, despite the announcement that its publication did not open a formal comment period. And I will provide my comments again when the formal comment period on the forest plan opens early next year. As often as possible I want to remind them that forest health cannot be left to politicians.

I am adding my support to organizations that can be my advocate. These organizations will have resources to monitor the USFS and ensure that each and every management project adequately considers ecosystem impacts before it is initiated.

Won't you do the same? Please don't be silent - get involved!

Bill Wilson