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Supervisor decided well against more wilderness

| November 3, 2005 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

In reference to Rick Bass' letter of Oct. 26, 05, who should the people of Lincoln County listen to 4-to-6 people of the Yaak Valley Forest Council — so they call themselves — or the Lincoln County Commissioners, who represent the majority of the people of the county.

The commissioners know that the vast majority of people don't want more wilderness. The forest supervisor did what he is supposed to do, listen to the vast majority of the people.

The Cabinet Mountains should never have been designated wilderness in the first place, with two world class copper and silver deposits such as Rock Creek and Montanore, worth multi billions of dollars.

No other country in the world would take this valuable land out of mineral development. This area should not even be considered for wilderness with the possibility of more undiscovered ore deposits.

Harvey Fredericksen