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Last senior hurrah at LHS slighted a pair of graduates

| May 25, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

The last senior hurrah - before diplomas - the Senior Dessert. I felt honored to be invited. There was a lot of excitement from early morning set up to the dessert - until the photo highlights.

Through human error or mistake, our senior's photos were overlooked misplaced or whatever. This disappointment and hurt of our seniors can never be repaired because in a lifetime there is only one senior dessert. I'm sure Becky is upset and yes the CD can be corrected but it isn't the same and means very little.

Doesn't anyone proof read anymore? We went home with two upset adults and a very hurt senior. The CD will be played at future reunions I'm sure so the hurt memories will return.

For main events and programs, some serious checking - rechecking and check again - should be done so no other child goes through the hurt and disappointment our seniors did.

Hopefully Senior Skip Day - the All Nighter and future barbecues will be much happier for our seniors.

Ilene Tangen