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| May 20, 2005 12:00 AM

The city council should give serious consideration to buying a piece of property at the railroad track end of Mineral Avenue.

That piece of property is part of a critical component for creating something special downtown.

Undoubtedly the city has plenty of places it could spend money. But how many of those expenditures will pay back the city and its residents as much as this possible investment?

I've always believed that government's role - especially local government - was to provide the atmosphere in which individuals and businesses could thrive. The degree of that government involvement is always arguable.

This could be a simple and inexpensive way for the City of Libby to anti up on efforts to improve the appearance of the business district.

If the efforts of Libby Revitalization Inc. continue - not just with Mineral and California but the entire area - then we will all benefit many times over for many years to come.

It wouldn't take much effort for the council to sit down with LRI representatives and ask them if this if a good place for the city to jump n and help the downtown effort.

Too often the city is a passive partner in community efforts. This is a chance for the city to get out front and lead, build more confidence in the revitalization effort.

If this revitalization is successful the city will benefit from the expanded tax base that could occur. The success of this effort tomorrow is up to the people in this city today. We can no longer wait for someone or something to do it or us. - Roger Morris