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Voters clearly told school board what to do

| May 12, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I read the good news in The Western News about selling the old school. I think this vote is telling the board what they need to do. Isn't the board elected to do what the people want, not what a few board members want?

It is time to get on with business and sell the school. Whether you sell it to the friends of the school or someone else at an auction doesn't really matter. The board should do what their constituents want. Wasn't Mrs. Huntsberger re-elected on the same ballot? Why would the vote work for her but not the school? In fact, the school got almost 100 more votes than Mrs. Huntsberger.

Sounds like Mrs. Huntsberger and others should get over it and move on in a positive manner. Time to stop whining about not getting people to see it their way and do something that will benefit the school district. Also Mrs. Huntsberger (May 6 edition of The Western News) said the school is "going to fall down before our very eyes." Sure sounds like sour grapes to me. How long does Mrs. Huntsberger intend to keep this an issue? Wasn't the school looked at a year or so ago by engineers who determined that it was solid?

Doesn't the board have other issues to work on? Why do they want to continue the battle? Their energy could be used in a much more constructive and positive manner.

Teddi Backen Hyde