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Help the library

| March 29, 2005 11:00 PM

It's our turn.

The Lincoln County Library, fondly referred to as the Libby library, is beginning a $36,000 remodeling project that involves moving the children's section to a more secure area, and one that can be quieter for other library patrons as well as a serious rearrangement and remodeling of the main collection of books and magazines.

In an older, but undated photograph of the Libby library, everything appears as it does today. The circulation desk is the same although it has seen a few books cross the counter. And the same furniture - popular in the late '60s and early '70s - is being used today.

So the library board is proposing to replace the outdated furniture with something newer. And the industrial-looking metal shelving will be replaced with a hardwood finish - light oak - similar to what was done in Troy and Eureka.

An early effort at raising money has netted $9,700 from the Lincoln County Credit Union, First National Bank, Lincoln County Title, the Libby Friends of the Library and the Lincoln County Libraries Foundation. The money raisers are hoping more donations will come in from the banking institutions and local businesses. The goal has been to reach the half way mark and have the public contribute the rest.

It worked in Troy and Eureka during the past couple of years when similar remodeling efforts were undertaken. In fact, more than enough money was raised.

As the library turns to the public for donations, it should be remembered that the Lincoln County Library - the Libby library - was started in 1920 when the Libby Women's Club donated 2,000 volumes from their library as a nucleus for the new library.

In other words the library started as a grassroots effort and for the most part has remained such. The community owes a big debt of gratitude to those ladies of 85 years ago.

The best way to repay that debt is to contribute to the ongoing remodeling effort with a cash donation. It will represent a continuing show of support for the library that has always existed.

Here's a breakdown of the expenses: Just under $8,000 is needed for construction of the new shelving. George Gerard is donating his time to construct the shelving units.

Another $12,851 is needed for new furniture. This includes armchairs, club chairs, tables, benches, a magazine holder, television and media cart. For the children's area, it also means pillow animals, a loveseat, activity table, rocker, storage cubby and floor puzzles.

The budget includes $1,294 for signs, $400 for paint, $4,380 for a new circulation desk and $8,000 for carpet.

Lincoln County government is providing labor to close some window areas where the main magazine shelving will be moved and they are looking into getting the roof fixed, which has leaked since the big snow year of 1996-1997 when literally an army was used to shovel snow off public building rooftops.

Another army, this time of volunteers to help with the remodeling efforts, stands ready for action.

Donations are needed to keep them busy. - Roger Morris