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Proposed shooting range project raises concerns for Troy residents

| March 24, 2005 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

The Troy Shooting Range project has just come to my attention, I am against any such project.

As far as I know, none of the residents of Kootenai Vista, that lays just a few hundred yards up stream from this proposed site for this tax-guzzling black hole, know about the project. Why have none of Kootenai Vista's residents been notified of this proposed project?

It seems that our county officials have kept the shooting range proposal from the residents in Kootenai Vista for some reason. Why are they trying to sneak it in without us, property owners, in the close vicinity knowing? We are the ones that will suffer from the gun noise and traffic created from this.

The proposed project will benefit only a few people in our area and at a high maintenance cost to our tax dollars. Dollars, that could be better spent on an underground range like most other communities have for their law enforcement. An underground shooting range would be accessible all year and closer to those who would use it.

The proposed project will only disrupt the lives of the residents living in the area, as well as, disturb the peace and quiet that comes from living in the country. Not only that, but continuous gun shots echoing up and down the river will travel vast distances with nothing to block them. If we wanted noise, we would move to town.

The Southside Road, that would access the shooting range is nothing but a one lane and a very dangerous road to travel - even if not meeting another car coming the other way. How about when Plum Creek is running logging trucks down the road? This road is nothing but a mud hole in the fall and spring, a dust bowl in the summer and close to impassable in the winter.

This proposed range will only be open for a few months a year due to road conditions and a burden on our already, stretched-to-the-limit sheriff's department and the Troy patrolmen. We have problems getting an officer to Kootenai Vista let alone, to have him off on some dirt road late at night endangering himself for some unwanted shooting range in the middle of the night.

It is alarming to us that a shooting range of this magnitude would even be considered in our area. With the amount of waterfowl and large game that reside in and along the river. Such a project is beyond our understanding. Why and who would propose such a disturbing venture to disturb our lives, and the wildlife that lives with us.

There is a pair of eagles that nest and fish this very area on the river. We see them every day across the river in the trees hunting. What is going to happen to this pair of eagles when all the shooting starts?

There is some reason for this project that is not being seen by the public and being kept under cover by the people or persons behind it. How would these people like a range in their back yard? If they say yes, then they are not our people to have in office in Lincoln County. They should move to Seattle, and enjoy their life of misery.

We want it known that we oppose this shooting range and any other developments that will change the tranquility of our neighborhood and the wildlife that lives with us on this calm and quiet country area.

Wayne and Signe Moser