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Day of judgment is coming

| March 15, 2005 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

I must respond to D.C. Orr's and Red Morton's letters to the editor. First I want to thank you for bringing forth the exact feelings that I and many more in Libby have wanted to say for a long, long time. I have been seeking the same justice for over 15 years now and by God, I believe I will live to see justice to those who are just as guilty as W.R. Grace for their failure to inform, warn and protect the citizens of Libby from something that will kill them.

Can you believe this is still going on today, in Libby? Failure by cover up by stating Libby is a safe and healthy place to live and breathe. Unreal isn't it? Those of you in Lincoln County responsible will be held accountable, and will be found guilty. I can't wait.

We should start with the ex Governor Marc Racicot and go to city, county and state officials for their failure to save Libby. I understand a lawyer from a different country is going after W.R. Grace with charges of homicide of 22 dead asbestos victims. What about Libby deaths, huh? Same as murder, as far as I'm concerned and dying.

All you players who have been a part of the Lincoln County click for many years, your day of judgment is finally upon you. As I once heard these words spoke by someone I don't recall, "They may come and get you today, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe this week or next, we don't know when but we will get you." Have a nice day! All of you who have something to worry about, keep worrying cause the man is going to get you all, on judgment day.

Anyone in Libby who wants to add to the fire about any wrong doings that also includes illegal activity by our elected officials in Libby and others within the community, please call 406-542-8851. U.S. Attorney Bill Mercer and a meeting will be set up to talk to you. Anything said will be confidential and important to hold those guilty, accountable. This is long overdue and the corruption needs to end.

I have some faith in our new governor for the State of Montana and I have faith that justice will be served. Those found guilty, will stand before their accusers, to the fullest extent of our laws.

In closing I would like to add that those of you who publicly state that you need to see the proof of Stringer and Grace's guilt to what has happened, etc., don't be so ignorant because it only shows to those reading such ignorance as an admittance of guilt for sticking up for them. Maybe you, too, have something to worry about. I bet you do.

Worry, worry, worry, what ya gonna do, when they come for you. And they will. We can't wait.

Michael Crill