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School election reveals alarming voter apathy

| June 15, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I am amazed at the apathy of a lot of people in this community. I am referring to the vote on the Old Libby High School, Proposition 4. The vote was 636 for saving the building and 262 voting against.

A news article in the June 10 edition of The Western News stated that only 18 percent of registered voters turned out. This means there were approximately 4,000 plus registered voters who did not cast votes!

My issue at this point is not with the outcome of the vote, but rather why people do not make it a "priority" to make their voice heard by voting. It is especially important on an issue that is so heatedly debated and has been "talked" about for months. I've heard far too many people complain about the outcome of the vote, who didn't find the time, didn't remember, or many other reasons for not voting. When given the opportunity, we should all vote. Why wouldn't we? It's the only true way for our voices to be heard.

As they say, the majority rules. The hard truth is, in this case the winning vote equaled the voices of only 12.74 percent of all registered voters, and the losers 5.26 percent of all registered voters.

This is a sad statement on the involvement of our "community" on issues that will affect Libby for years to come. If you care about your "community," get involved and vote in all elections. Its your right and it's your duty!

In the future, in a vote of this type, I would recommend that there be a requirement that at least a majority of the registered voters vote on the proposition, and that the vote would be binding only if a majority has voted. Important issues are just that - important!

Make your voice heard, vote at every opportunity.

Larry Hebenstreit