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Education prepares students for life

| June 15, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

At the recent retirement banquet held in honor of retiring teachers, our business had the pleasure of honoring one of those retirees, Mr. Dick Kenck.

We wanted Dick to know how much we have appreciated his teaching hundreds of individuals how to weld. He more than just taught them; he taught them well! When welding students from Libby High School competed in our area, they always swept most of the awards, often beating graduates from vocational schools and community colleges. Those young welders are now working in industry and/or in their own garages or shops or barns. Therefore, what Dick taught them directly impacts our business, creating a wider customer base for the welding industry.

We also know that all teachers have a profound impact on students. So, we thank all of the teachers of Libby, retirees and current staff, for their contributions to the development of well adjusted, skilled, socially responsible, and employable graduates.

In closing, we wish Dick and his departing colleagues a healthy and fulfilling retirement, and we urge the Libby community to continue to support a strong educational system that prepares students for life after graduation

Shan Bush

Libby High School Class of 1965