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'Sick puppy' vandalizes camping, party spots in Pipe Creek area

| July 25, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Heads up Pipe Creek/Bobtail area residents and Forest Service employees involved with road closures in this area.

We've got an anal retentive, "sick puppy" on the loose who needs some attention. Sometime between late Friday evening, July 15, and before it poured rain out this way Saturday afternoon, July 16, some person vented their spleen (so to speak), expressing their frustration, I take it, over road closures and/or kelly-humping and/or watershed and/or bull trout and/or old neighborhood roads that are no-longer. Three old hunting camps, party spots, overnight hidey holes were covered in piles of dog excrement. Special attention was paid to fire pits and wood piles. Special effort was exerted as two of these spots were deeply and doubly ditched and a jaunt down the road. Direct paths to Pipe Creek water itself were spared.

I am deeply affected by the loss at this time in my life of my local, old neighborhood, get away spots so close to home. What is the message supposed to be? I can't see the point of a neighbor pooping in their own bed unless they had formed the opinion that the Forest Service wanted these spots for their own agendas; so poop on them. But desecrating one of the only auto accessible spots left with a fire pit (even if it is just next to the highway) just doesn't make sense. Sick puppy!

On the other hand, if someone in the Forest Service or its kin is engaged in heart-attack level angst over the backlash of indignant neighborhood response, and is saying "poop" on your get away spots, and keep away from the creek; your bad breath and stinky feet are going to kill the bull trout, — get a grip and get your "poop" together, you are losing it! Sick puppy!

For eons these more or less motorized accessible get-to-the-creek roads survived the attention, or lack of it, of the surrounding area residents, providing the desired atmosphere of peace and privacy along with the wonders and gifts of nature along the creek. Why is it that a good basic person would squat so low, and turn Mother Nature into something totally disgusting and, well, "poopy."

Please step back, take a breath, get your "poop" together. Life seems to be a series of lessons aimed at trying to rebalance our outlook with the love, joy and understanding of life. We all make mistakes. But some of us dogs learn new tricks. You can do better for yourself. It is difficult to hear you when you are talking out your behind. Try words.

Thank you to Malcolm Edwards, chief ranger Libby District, for personally checking out my findings. Thank you FS law enforcement agent, Paige Leddy, for validating the stench of this incident.

Dianne Dunning