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Heritage Museum looking for people to help preserve history

| July 14, 2005 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Kids love rummaging through their grand-parents' attic - wondering what different objects were used for, hearing stories about their family's younger days. An attic stores memories and objects no longer used but too precious to throw away and teaches the children of a family why they are the way they are.

A museum is a community's attic. It houses past glories and pains and gives the residents a peek into what makes the area what it is. It explains past mistakes so they can be avoided in the future. With so much riding on it, a museum is a very important aspect of any community's life.

Libby's Heritage Museum is a labor of love held together by the sweat equity of a group of volunteers. As with any enterprise, new blood is always needed because workers get tired, move away, or go on to other interests. The museum is currently looking for people who believe preserving our history matters to us and to our children.

Interested people can help with yard work - mowing, raking, irrigating, taking care of flowers. Volunteers are needed to restore the Shay locomotive and construct tracks to drive it on. Help with fund-raising is an important part of any group's functioning.

The accessions committee evaluates donations to judge their suitability for inclusion in the museum's archives. Anyone interested in Libby's past would enjoy serving on this committee. Greeting visitors at the front desk once a week during the summer is an enjoyable activity which gives volunteers a peek at the many tourists who find the museum a good place to stop through.

Anyone interested in Libby's history, in keeping the museum viable, in helping to maintain one of Lincoln County's treasures should call Eileen Carney at 293-6407 to volunteer. The museum board would appreciate any amount of time you could give.

Attics are interesting places to visit because they hold the key to the past and to the future. Come visit Libby's attic and stay to help out.

Eileen Carney