Sunday, September 24, 2023

Summer Fun

| July 6, 2005 12:00 AM

It hardly feels like it this year, but most years the Fourth of July seems to mark a halfway point in summer-like weather.


Actually, Monday was the second or third warm day we've had that would qualify as summer-like. With Logger Days moved to late June, Troy's Fourth of July celebration marks a continuing effort of residents in southern Lincoln County to attract visitors. Based on observation for both these weekends, it's working.

In many ways these celebrations are long-time traditions in the respective communities and are often accompanied by reunions and other get-togethers. The events are successful becase we plan them as community celebrations, which is what attracts people from the outside. Same with the facilities at which these events are held. At least in the case of Troy's Fourth, it's held in the park built by and for the community.

This is the key ingredient for successful, cultural tourism. We organize and build for the best possible community participation and the outside world will want a piece of the action. It's genuine and not forced in an attempt to attract outside tourism. We need to remember that as we continue being successful without many summer events.

Next up is the Tobacco Valley Rodeo in Eureka, July 22-23, the state Fiberfest in Eureka, July 22-24 and the Two Rivers Rendezvous up at Fawn Creek Campground, July 22-24, the Junior Fair, July 28-30, and the Kootenai River Rodeo, July 29-30.

And August is full of big events, too.

It takes a lot of people volunteering to make these events successful. Don't be afraid to get involved. And don't forget to thank them. besides providing us with a good time, they are helping everyone's cash registers. — Roger Morris