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Council responds to homeowner¹s request

| January 18, 2005 11:00 PM

By Roger Morris Western News Publisher

City crews will be working with Troy resident Larry Cripe to solve a power supply problem to his garage.

The city council agreed Jan. 12 to find the underground power line break and repair it. Cripe agreed to foot the bill if it¹s not a lingering problem from a line cut when a city contractor was installing sewer lines a couple of years ago.

Cripe said the breakers in the electrical panel keep tripping so there is an electrical short somewhere.

City electrical supervisor Clint Taylor said the incident was not logged in his daily journals so his crews did not repair the break and it was probably done by the sewer contractor.

³Nobody on my crew remembers it,² he said.

³The long and the short of it is I don¹t think the repair was done correctly,² Cripe told the council. ³I think you guys should repair it correctly. That¹s a request. I¹m not going to run out and hire a lawyer.²

Mayor John Brown expressed concerns that it might be something else such as a faulty electrical supply box.

³If we dig it up and find out it¹s not our fault will you reimburse us?² Brown asked.

³You bet,² Cripe replied.

Cripe said he had the electrical box tested and it appears to be okay.

Council members suggested waiting for the ground to thaw in the spring otherwise digging up the line will cause extensive damage to Cripe¹s yard.

The homeowner agreed.

In other business, the council heard they have received a $30,000 Fish, Wildlife and Parks grant to extend the city walking path at Roosevelt Park.

Mayor Brown said it will result in Phase 2 of the walking path which adds a half mile to the existing walking path at the park and terminates at the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe railroad track right-of-way.

³Then we¹ll start negotiating with BN on extending the path up to the county path along U.S. Highway 2 north of the city,² Brown said.

The city will have to match the grant with $5,000. Brown said that money might have to come out of the city¹s remaining park funds from the county.

In addition, Brown said he has received requests from city residents to add lighting along the walking path and to install a public restroom at the old Troy Park football field.