Sunday, December 10, 2023

Dreaming It, Doing It

| February 24, 2005 11:00 PM

Kudos to the Libby Area Chamber of Commerce on their new sign.

Yes, it cost a bundle. But it's extremely professional looking. It says "We mean business."

If we're going to succeed in developing a tourism industry as a piece of our local economy in Libby, Troy and Eureka, we have to do everything first class. From parks to streets and sidewalks to building remodelings facelifts to landscaping and signs. Everything.

Are we doing this for people who haven't come here yet? No. We do it for ourselves. We benefit from doing it right. And we benefit again when other people find it attractive enough to stop and visit, to invest and even move here (Libby, Troy and Eureka).

A lot of good energy was harnessed and set in motion in the wake of Dream It, Do It. The Connect the Dots and evolving tourism group is a fantastic collection of county residents working together.

And we're sticking to themes from those meetings two years ago. The welcome sign on Yaak Hill, constructed and installed by City of Troy and Lincoln County employees is the first step. It ties directly to the Libby chamber sign. Eventually it will connect all our communities in a manner that will make the outside world take notice.

Good work people! And keep it up. - Roger Morris