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'Small spills' called silly and unimportant waste of money

| February 22, 2005 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

Here are some random thoughts, for some of the pseudo intellects that write their long articles and

opinions, "Suck It Up!"

Regarding the front page article titled "Small Spills," I have never read such an unimportant, silly article

in my life, as if the "sky was falling." Talk about a waste of money and resources, I have an idea, put on a

face mask if you must and suck it up with an invention called a "Hoover." Small spills my arse!

An opinion by Thomas Powers is a perfect example of why people should home school, then let kids

earn their own way through college, they might see life as it really is by then and appreciate the value of a

dollar, instead of mom and dad "expected" to pay for everything as if it was a given right. He acts as if

loggers have no idea why mills are shutting down, only a pseudo professor can explain it to us! How dare

the loggers or miners for that matter have the audacity to complain! He can explain it to us. It never has had

anything to do with special interest groups, lawsuits or tree huggers, you silly logging families.

Hey, but wait! With the drought even worse this year and all the dead, bug-infested trees ready to

explode, you may get a job this summer. We'll get fires, sooner or later we may lose our homes, animals

and lives, but what the heck, they know so much more how to take care of our environment. Aren't we


Mr. Morris, and Steve Barrett, I suggest you go to C-span, pull up some archives, the Senate (the

Democrats) have held up bills for years. In regard to the lawsuits, this has been in the making for years!

Especially asbestos settlements, the Democrats - Mr. Daschle would not let it come to a vote because of

their special interest groups - the trial lawyers. The Republicans had money for the people who really have

asbestos diseases, not something that may be related, diagnosed by real doctors. But then if that happened

you couldn't make hundreds of more small companies go bankrupt, and trial lawyers wouldn't get their

bank accounts full. They are the people who have been selfish, as if they really care who is ill or dying or

who has died.

As for all these small communities drying up, people having to move or travel afar for other jobs,

economy that was supporting the communities now gone and still going. You may have big dreams and

volunteers but you have to have the economy and people here, the hustle and bustle that once was here is

now gone with a lot of businesses that have left too, over the years. I've seen it in town after town in the


As the saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for" now that you got it, we all have to live with the

results. Thanks a lot.

Lynn Griner