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Gordon McComas

| February 22, 2005 11:00 PM

Former Libby resident Paul Gordon McComas, 85, of Eugene, Ore., died on Feb. 11, 2005.

He was born on April 25, 1919, at Somers, one of the seven children of Asa and Effie Mae McComas.

He grew up at Libby, working at a butcher shop during the Depression, contributing to the family


While in junior high school, Gordon met Gerry Hough and they remained sweethearts through high

school and college.

They were married in June 1942 while Gordon was home on leave from service with the U.S. Army.

Gordon completed his tour of duty in England and finished college at Stanford University where he

majored in economics.

He planned to become a high school history teacher, but the demands of supporting a growing family led

him in a different direction.

With his wife Gerry and their three children, Gordon moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he

worked for more than 20 years for J.C. Penney's before launching his own women's clothing stores,

Adrienne's, with branches from Santa Rosa to Palo Alto.

In 1970 they had the opportunity to relocate to the tropical island of Guam, intending to stay for two


Gordon's tenure at the Townhouse department store in Guam lasted for 25 years.

Gordon and Gerry enjoyed the beaches, the people and the travel opportunities, returning often to the

states to visit family members and friends.

After Gerry's sudden death in 1989, Gordon continued to live and work on Guam until he retired at the

age of 76, moving to Eugene to be near his family, associating himself with his son Gavin, owner of

Sundance Natural Foods, Wine Cellars and mercantile stores.

Gordon's passion for politics, foreign affairs and social justice never wavered. Outspoken about his own

ideas, he was receptive to those of others.

Full of life, interested in people, places and ideas, Gordon was a faithful friend, returning often to the

Libby area to visit.

In retirement he also traveled to Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, Ireland and Scotland.

An energetic gardener, an avid reader, a fitness buff with a genuine interest in people, Gordon had a

knack for recognizing the best in others. He rarely failed to charm those he met and his devotion to his

family never wavered, evidencing itself in deep and unconditional support of those he loved.

His later years were enhanced by his relationship with Ursala Zimmerman McComas of Mill Valley,


Gordon's death came after a short and intense battle with cancer and pneumonia.

Survivors include his children, Gavin, Eugene; Pam in Portland, and Gordon in Napa Valley.

He will also be greatly missed by grandson Christopher, in Los Angeles, granddaughter Aubrey, a

student at Brown University in Rhode Island, and grandson Dillon, a middle school student in Napa.