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Constitutionalist shares political evolution though parties

| February 22, 2005 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

The other day I showed the "enclosed paper," that I put together back on the Nov. 11th "Armistice Day"

of 2004 to a friend. He said "I ought to send it into the newspaper because people should know!"

So after a bit of thought on the matter here it is:

As a Navy vet, (1950-1952) of the Korean War I have voted now some 53 years. First as a Democrat;

then non-partisan; thirdly as a Republican. Now at 73 years of age I'll vote and be an activist of the

Constitutional Party.

Why you ask? It's the refusal of both Democrat and Republican senators, congressmen and governors to

write or speak plainly to the issues below listed!

1. To close the Mexican border (California to Texas) to stop the illegal alien flood!

2. Refusal to require all illegals be sent back!

3. Because English is America's spoken and written language we need to require that it be so on all legal

papers (ballots, licenses, etc.) by law.

4. The enactment of a "1940's style Bracero Program" as existed then, none but the workers to come

over to work in agriculture, no families.

5. Require all emigrants to speak and read English; know American history and of our Constitution on


6. That the Congress kill the harmful NAFTA, GATT and WTO treaties.

7. Get the United States out of the U.N., and the U.N. out of the USA!

8. Pass a 2-term limit on the Senate and House as applies to the presidency.

9. Pass a 10-year limit on Supreme Court justices.

10. Close the constitutionally illegal Dept. of "Non" Education, that eats taxes and teaches neither child

or teacher, but only grossly interferes in all local school districts.

11. Make the recent tax cuts permanent.

12. Return to all of the states west of the Mississippi their forest and range lands that past governments

have confiscated in violation of the Constitution's Article 1, see number 8 and Article 4, see numbers 1, 2,

3, 4 and Amendments 10, 5 and 9. Comment! All of this is a part of the "Sage Brush Rebellions"

(Nevada/Oct. 1964) "Equal Footing Doctrine!" "The new states enter on an equal standing as the first 13


13. Require a 200-mile "sea limit" as respects oil, minerals and fisheries, that other countries apply to

their benefit and our loss.

Freeman Johnson