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Body politic failing to save Social Security once again

| December 8, 2005 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

It's been seven times, now the eighth, that they've tried to save Social Security.

But now the majority of Republican senators and house members aren't doing the job. No one has a trillion dollars to bail out the nearly 35 years of "IOU's" the Democratic congresses have spent (1960's to the present).

The "Chilean Plan" (voluntary) investments in private securities, will pay 4 percent to 6 percent to those who retire. Their heirs receive the funds invested at death, not the state. Beginning with 15 percent, in the voluntary 74E Plan now has 97 percent of the Chileans enrolled. It works.

My wife and I are 70+ years. We make it on Social Security and private pensions. I expect the government to take away one-third of our Social Security pensions. Our children and all 45- to 55-year-olds will get nothing.

I ask you? Will Senators Baucus, Burns and Congressman Rehberg retire on "Social-istic-In-security" or be content with the $150,000 a year congressional pensions they voted themselves? Hmm?

How is it that the democratic requirement of our constitution isn't being applied to change our government laws for the betterment? Where are the Republicans who we voted into a majority in both houses?

"Social-istic-In-security" languishes; the "Im-permanent" tax cut approaches a return. What business needs more taxes?

The 21,000,000 crossing the border grows worse bringing diseases, crime and hospital bankruptcies, while our representatives in congress send we voters "form letters," then "do-nothing"; "say-nothing" even "write nothing!"

Our body politic; those who do the business of the people, is "sick to its eyeballs!" As the Bible tells us, "the blind leading the blind into the ditch." Well I'm not blind. I'm speaking out as a constitutionalist to all: Wake up!

Freeman Johnson